Career Gear

Big news for those of you who follow us, we have merged with Startups Anonymous, having met many times with the team over at Startups Anonymous it became clear that both of our missions are similar and we both share a passion for helping young entrepreneurs. All of our existing content is now on this website and you can find use here working away doing what we always have done. Check out our latest posts at the bottom of this page.

About Career Gear

Career Gear is focused on helping young entrepreneurs overcome their business challenges and hurdles through our content. We will also provide groups so business men can come together and share their experiences, goals and wins.

Career Gear’s mission is to provide business men with the tools and content they need to successfully achieve financial and business independence. Through our specific pieces of content we will be able to help guide all entrepreneurs on their business path.

Career Gear is an enterprise with the mission is to empower men to think, look and feel their best through whatever business challenges that they may come across.