As founder of a new startup should I dye my grey hair?

I’m a male in my late forties and founder of an early stage startup.  I’m starting to go grey and wonder what’s the best thing to do for my startup: just be natural or dye my hair?  Personally, I don’t mind the grey hair but I don’t want it to taint the perception of VCs or potenial employees. Of course, dying my hair isn’t going to fool anyone who thinks but I know many decisions have a strong emotional “sub-conscious” component. I have no problem with dying my hair. What do you think I should do?

  • I find it funny how VCs would not only remotely care but would “penalize” you for your age. Even if it’s subconscious. Just goes to show how f’ed up it all is. They would rather invest in some snot nose kids who don’t know their head from their ass, vs an experienced veteran who has so much more experience and knowledge. And then they wonder why their golden unicorn beats his gf, posts arrogant pics of himself holding fat cash stacks or has his frat emails about “bitches sucking …” surface. What did they expect from a snot nose kid?

    • Issues of morality aside Gurbaksh legitimately created successful businesses and its an irrefutable fact that SnapChat has gotten massive traction. So the investors that invested in THOSE “snot nose” kids certainly got it right.

    • Lol they don’t give a shit about some frat emails, they care about the benjamins. Snapchat is going to put certain VCs on the midas list. Become snapchat and no one will give a shit if you have gray hair or a long white beard and call yourself gandalf.

  • I agree withe the anon angel. “…do you want to work with people who you’ll have to keep fooling”. If that makes a difference for them, you don’t want to work with them anyways.

  • If the determining factor on whether or not your company will be successful is the color of your hair, something is f’d up.

  • Although many women dread the day they first spot a gray hair, this shade is beautiful and should be celebrated. That’s right: Do. Not. Panic. Instead of rushing to the salon to color your entire head of hair, we believe you should love your natural color.

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